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ENTEMA Dryer Specialistfor happy and competitive customers since 1992...

Authentic Design

Innovative, eco-friendly, unique and patented designs developed by continuing r&d work.

In Addition to the standardized models developed according to the common needs, Entema also provides specific solutions for custom running conditions.

Easy Operation

Functional, durable and heavy-duty type designs and user-friendly interfaces for easy operation.

Minimised low maintenance, and standart & common spare parts and consumables.

Maximum Capacity

First investment cost which can be recovered in short time thanks to the high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Maximum production capacity, process quality and efficiency.

See Our Groundbreaking Design for Carpet Treatment

  • Evident point effect
  • Clear lines and patterns
  • Vivid and bright colors
  • Soft touching effect
  • Relaxed and intensive structure
  • Increased abrasion resistence
  • Excellent dust and fluff cleaning
  • Environment friendly processing
  • PLC aided 7/24 easy operation
  • Less energy consumption
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